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The Telephone
Connection, Inc.
730 West Hampden Avenue, Suite 300
Englewood, CO 80110

Tel: 303.922.4708
Fax: 303.975.1227



The Telephone Connection, Inc. (TTCI) wants to take a lot off your mind and a load off your hands by eliminating the need to work with multiple vendors. Offering you a "one source" solution for your telecommunications service needs saves you time and money.

With a wide range of services to offer, why not take this opportunity to discover how we can apply our skills to learning and solving your specific communications needs.

Consultation and Design

We have a proven track record helping many businesses like yours increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their operations. How? By working closely with you as your telecommunications partner, we first: 

  • Learn more about your business - what are the opportunities and competitive challenges you face in your business environment;
  • Discover your growth projections (both short- and long-term); and
  • Determine your specific communications system equipment and features needs.

Only then will TTCI tailor a telecommunications system specifically designed to handle your day-to-day operations with reliability, simplicity, and cost-efficiency. And you may be assured it has been fully designed to easily upgrade and expand along with your business.

Click here to schedule a FREE consultation today!


Telephone System Installation

TTCI adheres to a thorough check list when it comes to installing a telephone system. From meeting with your company representative prior to an installation (address those last minute changes), to customized programming, script preparation for voice mail greetings – all the way through training, you may be assured your telephone system will be installed in a timely and efficient manner.


Cabling Services

At TTCI, we install, test, and service the following types of communication cabling:

  • Category 3 (Voice)
  • Category 5E and 6 (Data)
  • Fiber Optics (Multi-Mode and Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Paging Wire
  • Backbone and Feeder
  • Aerial and Burial

If you need wiring for your telephone system, network, or any other type of cabling job, our certified, technical staff can meet your needs. Click here to schedule a no-obligation site inspection.


Moves, Adds, and Changes

We understand that moving an office entails a lot of planning. That’s why TTCI works closely with your move coordinator to ensure this important phase is executed effortlessly. We’ll provide your coordinator with a pre-move information packet that will help with line (voice and data) and telephone hardware needs assessment for your new facility, as well as step-by-step instructions that will assure existing lines and equipment are relocated to your new premises in a timely fashion. Click here to request our pre-move information package.

Of course, any time you need to add or move an extension, or simply require programming changes to your telephone system, our technical team is but a telephone call away.


Voice and Data Line Installation

Any time you find your business requires an additional voice (including T-1) or data (DSL, ISDN, fax) line  installed, our technicians are available to bring the line(s) to your suite, connect it to your telephone system, and test the line(s) for dial tone and operation.

But before you order those extra lines, you may want to contact us to inspect your telephone system. We’ll let you know what expansion capability you may or may not have with your current telephone system design. Click here to schedule a no-obligation site inspection.


Training, Service, and Repair

Once your telephone system is installed, you may be assured that technical support and answers to your "how-to" questions with regard to any of the features of the telephone system will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Our knowledgeable staff will take you through your inquiries step-by-step to make sure you can operate your telephone system effectively and confidently.

You may also want to visit our "Troubleshooting Guide". There, you may quickly download quick tips, basic programming changes, and "how to" information so that you may have it on file for future reference.

TTCI is committed to ensuring your telephone system is serviced in a timely manner. We offer next-day service calls (or better!) and offer 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week.

Should repairs of your telephone equipment arise, we do our utmost to repair the equipment on site. If equipment requires off-site repair or cannot be repaired, we make every effort to obtain and replace parts in a timely manner so that your day-to-day operations are restored with minimal downtime.



Home Services Products Why TTCI Quality Contact Us