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Samsung’s CTI products enable you to add sophisticated functionality to your Samsung telephone system by utilizing a data link between the phone equipment and a PC or LAN.  This exciting technology increases the ease of making, receiving, and managing telephone calls.  A PC-based operator console provides a graphical overview of the phone system traffic and simplifies incoming call management, and a real time management and reporting package improves call center efficiency.

Below is a brief overview and features for Samsung’s CTI products.  A brochure for each product may also be downloaded for your review.

When you’ve completed your review, let us help you decide which CTI application will work best with your Samsung iDCS or OfficeServ phone system.

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OfficeServ Link and OfficeServ EasySet

OfficeServ Call

OfficeServ Operator

OfficeServ DataView


OfficeServ Link and OfficeServ EasySet

Samsung OfficeServ Link is the core of the OfficeServ Suite of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications which offer exciting new dimensions in managing communications and information.

OfficeServ Link is a software application that links a Samsung iDCS or OfficeServ 7000 Series phone system to a Windows-based computer.

Included with OfficeServ Link is OfficeServ EasySet.  OfficeServ EasySet is a browser-based application that empowers each user to manage their own phone extension setup for features like Call Forwarding, Speed Dial, and Messaging.  By facilitating this process through their PC, users will not only learn more about the capabilities of the phone system, but will also improve the way it works for them, enhancing company efficiency and staff productivity.

Click here for a Samsung OfficeServ Link / EasySet Brochure


Various features of the OfficeServ EasySet application include:

  • Station Lock
  • Change Password
  • Call Forward
  • Station Name
  • Call Logging
  • Button Programming
  • Speed Dial
  • Date Display
  • Alarm Reminder
  • Programmed Message
  • Send Message
  • Set Answer Mode
  • Change Volume Levels

Samsung OfficeServ EasySet benefits include:

  • Keyset Specific Layout
  • Per-System Licensing
  • Flexible Installation Options with Microsoft® IIS
  • Web Browser Based Access (Microsoft® Internet Explorer)


OfficeServ Call

Voice and data communications have never been more important to your business.  The barriers between telephony and data are being constantly eroded.  Samsung's portfolio of communication solutions are designed to maximize the benefits of CTI applications. 

Click here for a Samsung OfficeServ Call Brochure


OfficeServ Call offers computer users a comprehensive range of telephony and call management functions at the desktop including:

  • Screen-pop Microsoft® Outlook records based on Caller ID
  • Answering and Dialing calls with a mouse click
  • Change your station settings
  • Call Log for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Display the status of other extensions (Busy Lamp Field)

OfficeServ Call also provides customer information service such as Caller ID, company name, address, trade information and the various advanced services on your computer:

  • Caller ID and Caller's details, Call control services
  • Maintain multiple phone books, network phonebooks
  • Drag and Drop Call Control with BLFs
  • Scheduling Services
  • Call Log Services (maintain records of all calls)


OfficeServ Operator

A member of Samsung’s OfficeServ CTI applications, OfficeServ Operator is a PC-based “Auto Attendant Console” solution for your company.  Combined with a Samsung iDCS or a Samsung OfficeServ 7000 phone system, OfficeServ Operator will help your business manage high-volume call traffic professionally and smoothly.

Click here for a Samsung OfficeServ Operator Brochure


OfficeServ Operator is fully integrated with your voice and data infrastructure to maximize the responsiveness of your organization.  With the simplicity of "point and click" operation or use of a keyboard, incoming and internal calls can be effectively managed using a variety of features including:

  • Busy Lamp Field Indication:  Quickly view the status of each extension and control calls using a mouse.
  • Easy Setup and Configuration:  Installation of OfficeServ Operator is as easy as plug and play.
  • Extension Information:  Displays details of Call Forwarding information and their destination.
  • Department Queues:  To help organize call traffic more efficiently and distribute calls to other operators.
  • Conference Call Set Up:  Initiated by the Operator in an instant.
  • Notes Facility:  A simple message can be added as a reminder before returning to a waiting caller and placing them through.
  • Hold:  Hold a call with reminder, and/or with a target, park a call on an orbit or station, and automatically repeat hold actions on recalled calls using a single key.
  • Contact Information:  Caller Name and Number for all calls and detailed information for active calls.

Providing the advanced functionality of the OfficeServ application through the user's personal computer, OfficeServ Operator solutions are essential for people who manage high volume of calls, and an invaluable application for any busy office.


OfficeServ DataView

Samsung's solution for live monitoring and historical reporting on IP-enabled iDCS and OfficeServ platforms.

The OfficeServ™ DataView application provides comprehensive information and statistics, giving call centers increased functionality and greater efficiency.

Click here for a Samsung OfficeServ DataView Brochure


OfficeServ DataView comprises three components:

  • Data Collector:   Collects and analyzes call events on the phone system.
  • Data Manager:  Calculates and saves statistics from collected data.
  • Scheduler:  Provides database and scheduled report management.

The OfficeServ DataView application offers key features for greater functionality and cost-efficiency:

  • System wide On/Off License Model
  • Data is stored in Microsoft® Access database or SQL server formats
  • Built-in warning for Access database storage limits
  • Database backup with reporting capabilities
  • Web-based application designed specifically for Internet Explorer software
  • User accounts with multiple permission levels provide data access
  • 45 statistical reports track trunk, station, Voicemail(VM) and Automatic Attendant (AA) usage, as well as Uniform Call Distributor (UCD) and operator group statistics
  • 14 live monitors track trunk, station, UCD, operator and VM/AA activity
  • Report scheduling for daily, weekly or monthly statistics
  • Up to 18 reports can be generated for each interval
  • Configurable agent PC wallboard-type window displays up to 22 statistics using programmable alarm thresholds
  • Any and all reports exported to Microsoft® Excel with one click
  • Abandoned Call List displays details of each lost call
  • Station and trunk port statistics list all calls to or from specific station or trunk, including detailed call information
  • Multilingual support per user account - English, Korean, German, and Italian


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