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At The Telephone Connection, Inc. (TTCI), we firmly believe one of the key elements to a successful business is effective communications with those that matter the most to you – your customers.

That’s why TTCI offers the complete Samsung product line for your telephone system needs. Our knowledgeable sales team will help you determine which Samsung telephone system is best equipped to handle your distinct business needs and makes the most of your budget.

What’s more, when combined with the Samsung internal voice mail systems, your company will be able to handle voice mail functions in ways you’ve never thought possible.

Along with state-of-the-art telephone systems, we offer music on-hold products that will greatly enhance your overall sales and services to your customers.

What about electrical power outages? Is your telephone system hooked up to any emergency battery back-up? Could your business continue to operate during a power outage? Why not invest in one of our uninterruptible power supply units.

How about your computer network – is it protected against power surges? Learn more about our surge protection products.

Have you considered updating or integrating a paging system for your office? Let us help you design a paging system that is best suited to your needs.

Click on any of our products listed in the left-hand toolbar to learn more about how they may improve upon your existing communications systems.

Samsung Products

Now for the first time, your company can benefit from the power of a phone system that previously only corporate giants could afford.

The Samsung product line has been designed with flexibility and scalability to ensure your investment works today, and fulfills tomorrow’s needs.

So whether you're a company of one or a company of hundreds, there's a Samsung phone system with your business needs in mind.

Simply click on any of the images below and begin your exploration of the world of Samsung - we're confident you'll like what you see!

When you're done exploring this section, why not contact us to schedule a FREE consultation to learn which Samsung phone system is best suited for your business. From consultation to installation to service, TTCI will help you every step of the way.

Don’t have time to review each product individually?  Then to download ONE brochure that briefly describes the entire Samsung product line.



OfficeServ 7100
The OfficeServ 7100 can expand along with your business in 4-port increments.

Maximum Phone Capacity:  Up to 32 Phones.

OfficeServ 7200
The OfficeServ 7200 supports both voice and data communications with powerful, IP-based wired and wireless flexibility. 

Maximum Phone Capacity:  Up to 96 Phones.

OfficeServ 7400
The OfficeServ 7400 simultaneously supports traditional voice communication, VoIP (voice over IP), IP-based data communication, and wireless solutions through wireless LANs.

Maximum Phone Capacity:  Up to 400 Phones.



Designed with 4 ports, up to 100 mailboxes, approximately 4 hours of message storage, and a full Auto Attendant.

Samsung Phone System Compatibility:  DCS Compact, 50si, and iDCS 100, and OfficeServ 7100.


Designed with 4 ports (expandable to 8 ports), 1,000 mailboxes, and approximately 10 hours of message storage.  Fax-on-Demand, network mailboxes, and a LAN connection are just a few of the features available with this voice mail.

Samsung Phone System Compatibility:  50si, DCS, iDCS 100, and iDCS 500.


Designed with 4 ports (expandable to 16 ports), up to 1,000 mailboxes, and approximately 20 hours of message storage.  Fax-on-Demand, network mailboxes, and a LAN connection are just a few of the features available with this voice mail.

Samsung Phone System Compatibility:  iDCS 500.

Designed with 4 ports (expandable to 12 ports), up to 10,000 voice mailboxes, and approximately 7 hours message storage

Samsung Phone System Compatibility:  OfficeServ 7200 and OfficeServ 7400.


iDCS Falcon Phones

The iDCS Falcon keyset line consists of the 28-button, 18-button, and 8-button display speaker phones.

DS Phones

The DS keyset line consists of the 21-button, 14-button, and 7-button display speaker phones.

VoIP Phones

Voice over Internet (VoIP) keyset choices includes the 12-button (with 3.5” color LCD display), 21-button, and 7-button speaker phones.

Soft Phones

The OfficeServ Softphone is a Windows-based software application that allows mobile workers within the company to access their business phone system seamlessly and reliably as if they were at their own desk — wherever, and whenever.

OfficeServ Wireless

The Samsung OfficeServ SMT-W5100E Wireless Handset, communicating with SMT-R2000 Dual Band Wireless Access Points, bring a new definition of what power really means to wireless voice and data users.


OfficeServ Link/Easy Set

Samsung OfficeServ Link is the core of the OfficeServ Suite of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) applications which offer exciting new dimensions in managing communications and information. 

OfficeServ Call

OfficeServ Call offers computer users a comprehensive range of telephone and call management functions at the desktop like Caller ID, company name, address, trade information and the various advanced services on your computer.

OfficeServ Operator

OfficeServ Operator is a PC-based “Auto Attendant Console” solution for your company that helps your business manage high-volume call traffic professionally and smoothly. 

OfficeServ DataView

Samsung's solution for live monitoring and historical reporting on IP-enabled iDCS and OfficeServ phone systems.  This application provides comprehensive information and statistics, giving call centers increased functionality and greater efficiency. 


Call Accounting

For most of us, it’s not how much the call costs, but who made it, for how long, how often, and to whom.

Wouldn’t you like to know how many calls your customer service and/or your sales departments are receiving? And, how long each of those calls last, the name and telephone number of the calling party?

Do you want to manage your lines and trunks more effectively? How about learning when your call volume peaks occur? How about cost allocation and billing?

How about the time your employees spend making non-business related calls? How much time is this non-productive time costing you?

Well, your telephone system combined with any of the call accounting software programs we offer can answer these important questions.

Managing your resources and making well-informed business decisions on an integral portion of your business — telephone call expenditures — has never been easier than implementing a call accounting software program.

Click here to obtain more information on integrating this powerful, yet affordable, information tool.


Music On-Hold

A carefully developed corporate image is important, but what about the image you portray over the phone? A state-of-the art phone system and top-notch receptionist are key…but what happens when you put a caller on hold? Silence can make that "moment" on hold seem like an eternity. Or even worse, the radio station you have tapped into your telephone system may just be announcing one of your competitor’s commercials!

Consider the number of incoming calls your business receives. When they’re placed on hold, you have their complete attention! Let TTCI help you turn that unproductive time into opportune marketing time, by educating and informing your callers about your products and services.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of incorporating a custom on-hold messaging component to your telephone system today!


Paging Systems

Quick and easy solutions for loudspeaker paging and intercom are at your fingertips. Do you want one-way or talk-back speakers? Is the paging system to be used for indoor, outdoor, or industrial purposes? Do you want to communicate with all or just a portion of your employees instantly without disrupting other areas? These are just some of the questions we’ll address with you before designing a paging system for your premises. Click here for a free consultation today!



Power Protection

We know how critical your telephone system and data network are to your daily operations. That’s why we offer a variety of uninterruptible power supply components that will ensure your business continues to operate during temporary power outages.

We’ll help you decide what size of battery back-up supply is needed for your telephone system and identify the appropriate surge protection requirements for your computer network. For more details and information about our back-up protection products, click here.